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NAPLAN Online 2019


This year Flagstone State Community College will be undertaking the Year 7 & 9 NAPLAN tests online. The four tests will be scheduled across an expanded test window - from Tuesday 14/5 until Friday 24/5. Students received a copy of our NAPLAN test schedule this week and will need to bring a pencil or pen on their test days. NOTE: Any students who are absent on their scheduled test day will undertake the missed exam in a catch-up session.

NAPLAN data provides students, parents, students, teachers and school valuable information about how students are progressing. As a school, we use NAPLAN data to inform our planning, aiming to improve literacy and numeracy outcomes for all students. 

One of the most exciting developments of transitioning to NAPLAN tests online, is that tailored test design is possible. Instead of the static approach of paper-based tests, tailored tests better align with student's abilities. All students will continue to attempt the same number of test items in the same amount of time. However, based on their responses to previous items, the tailored test design delivers groups of items more aligned to their individual ability. 

As part of our preparation for NAPLAN Online in May, our Year 7 & 9 students completed the National familiarisation practice exam in the last week of Term 1 (3/4/19 & 4/4/19). The familiarisation practice test was a 45 minute omnibus version and incorporated reading, conventions of language & numeracy exams. The session provided students with the opportunity to experience:

  • the actual NAPLAN Online environment,
  • similar questions to what they will see in the May test,
  • navigation around the site,
  • the use of the online tools (e.g. calculators, rulers, protractors) and
  • the audio component (i.e. the ability to have some questions read to them).

A public demonstration site is also available where you can access similar questions to those that may be encountered in NAPLAN Online. NOTE: The demonstration site does NOT tailor to a student's ability. The questions are provided to show what a test might look like.

Require more information​?

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If you would like to discuss any matter regarding NAPLAN, please contact Sue-Ellen McNamara, Deputy Principal on 5547 9333.​