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​As you may be aware NAPLAN (National Assessment Program Literacy & Numeracy) is fast approaching for Year 9 students. These examinations will be held from Tuesday 14th May – Thursday 16th May 2013. The NAPLAN results provide information about each child’s performance in comparison with students of the same year level across the nation. The results data will also help schools identify students who require greater challenges or additional support as well as identifying strengths and weaknesses.

It is the intention of the College that all Year 9 students will complete the NAPLAN tests with the exception of those students who qualify for special exemption. If your child has special circumstances or you believe they qualify for special exemption it is imperative that you discuss this with the Principal. Furthermore if you object to your child completing the NAPLAN examinations on philosophical or religious grounds you need to contact the Principal to discuss parental withdrawal.

If students are absent during the period of NAPLAN every effort will be made to catch up students on Friday 17th May.  If there are special circumstances that will prevent your child from taking part in NAPLAN please notify the College. Please note that any students who do not complete the tests are considered absent and no results will be recorded.

In preparation for NAPLAN our Year 9 students undertook practice exams during term 1. These exams were sent to Mighty Minds Education Systems to analyse and determine concepts and skills in which our students need more practice and intervention in preparation for the official NAPLAN tests.  The results of these tests were used to develop a targeted program to prepare students for NAPLAN.  Students have been engaged in this program during the Seminar lesson every Thursday. 

Parents can assist their children in preparing for NAPLAN by encouraging students to complete and review the work covered during the preparation program.  Parents can also access sample test questions and practice materials from the NAPLAN website.

The College will be supporting our students to complete the tests to the best of their ability by offering a free nutritious breakfast to all Year 9 students on the morning of the tests. We will also be supplying some equipment on the day; however, it is imperative that students bring the necessary equipment to complete the tests. Equipment required includes: pencil, eraser, sharpener and scientific calculator. It would be appreciated if parents could support their children by ensuring they have the correct equipment.

If you have any questions regarding NAPLAN please do not hesitate to contact the College.