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Newsletter from our School Based Police Officer Karen Waugh



For all the parents who don’t know, my name is Karen Waugh and I am the new School Based Police Officer for Flagstone State Community College.  Thank you to all the students and teachers for the warm welcome into the college last week.  I hope that you all survived the recent flooding with minimal damage.

In relation to my role within the College, I will be at the College on a daily basis assisting students and staff with any issues that may arise as well as presenting law related topics to the students within the classroom environment. 

I will endeavour to communicate with all parents through this newsletter about any topics of interest to you and your children.

I will also be monitoring the safe travel of your children to and from the school on the school buses, working in conjunction with the College and bus company and addressing any reported bad behaviour.  It is important that our children feel safe and respected.  

This newsletter I will talk briefly about a couple of items that have already been brought to my attention.

Bus Travel

Apart from what I have stated above please remember that the school bus service is a HAIL AND RIDE service.  This means that, even though you are seated and waiting at a bus stop, you are still required to hail or signal to the driver that you need to be collected. 

Personal Property Security

Please be reminded that items of value that are brought into the College are the responsibility of the students.  Please protect these items by not leaving them unattended.  Keep them with you at all times.  Any instances of thefts need to be reported to me for investigation.

How to Become a Police Officer

I have already had some inquiries in relation to how you become a Police Officer.  Without going into the steps in detail in this newsletter, please come and see me in the Educational Services building.  I have plenty of handout material as well as practical advice on what the Recruiting Officers look for in potential recruits.

Lastly, please remember, I am here to help.  I am here to make sure you all learn in a safe environment.  Come and introduce yourself to me.  We already have a College that we can be extremely proud of with a great bunch of young adults.  Thanks for making my job that much easier!