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1. Rationale

​Flagstone State Community College is looking forward to this exciting change in the way we enhance educational opportunities for our students. We are faced with an increasing number of aspects of classroom learning that are becoming computer based, including:

  • communication between students and teachers
  • homework and assessments
  • educational videos
  • collaborating with other students
  • access to educational resources
  • creation and sharing of knowledge

The decision to implement BYOD at Flagstone State Community College is also supported by educational research. The use of a laptop:

  • enhances independence and self-initiated learning among students.
  • allows teachers to expand our instructional strategies and personalise learning for students.
  • extends student learning beyond the classroom. It allows for seamless movement between school, work, home and play.
  • promotes the development of 21st Century teaching and learning. Modern teaching practices requires the use of a digital platform (e.g. OneNote).
  • provides skills and experiences that will prepare them for their future studies and careers.
  • allows for effective engagement. Our Gen Z students are visual, adaptive, flexible and collaborative learners.

Teaching and learning will continue to transform with increased access to devices by students. How this is achieved will be different in each year level and subject area. Through use of digital content, concepts can be taught faster, with a higher level of individualisation and students can be more productive in learning time.