2. Hardware requirements & online ordering



Device Selection

To enable connection to our network, it is important that the device meets the minimum specifications (left column) outlined below. This will ensure the device is able to connect to the school network, printing systems, and suitability for class activities. 

If financial circumstances allow, the recommended specifications (right column) will benefit students greater through increased speed and capabilities. This will lead to less frustration from students!

NOTE: Please DO NOT buy a Chromebook as they do not work on the Department of Education network!

Minimum Specifications (Good)
Recommended Specifications (Better)
Windows PC or Apple Macintosh​
Screen Size
11”-14” display – consider portability and weight
12”-14” display – consider portability and weight
Intel Core i3/Dual Core processor
Intel Core i5/Quad Core processor or higher
4 GB
8 GB or higher
Hard Drive
128 GB Solid State Hard Drive (note: we recommend a solid state hard drive (SSD) for reliability, durability and speed)

Older style Hard Drives are not as reliable, however, if this is your only option, min 250 GB would be best.
256 GB Solid State Hard Drive (note: we recommend a solid state hard drive (SSD) for reliability, durability and speed)

Operating System
Microsoft Windows 10 (minimum)

Note: The version of Windows called “Windows 10S” is not compatible with our network. You can switch out of S mode into Windows 10 for free by following these instructions on the Microsoft Website.

NOT Supported: Chromebook, Android, Windows RT and distributions of Linux

Wi-Fi 802.11ac/n or better (Wireless Network 5Ghz). 

The above specs are a ‘must have’ otherwise the device will not connect to our network.

Sufficient to last 6+ hours on balance power mode
USB ports, headphone port, in-built microphone, webcam

Where do I purchase a device?

As a starting point, links to a number of vendor website portals/online stores are available below. Parents/guardians can purchase a device through these portals or take the minimum specifications (see above) to a local computer supplier.

​Please note that the potals below are from early 2021. These will be updated shortly with 2022 models.


Online portal -

Username - flagstone

Password - parent

Contact or 1300 662 087 for support.


Online portal -

Site code - FSCCBYOD2021

For more information about ordering online, please see the JB-HiFi Parent Information Brochure (PDF, 6 MB).

If you have any questions, please contact JB Hi-Fi via or call 1300 730 548

FAQs can be accessed via


Online portal -

School Login Code - FlagstoneSCC

Discount Code - flagstone5%

If you have any questions, please contact a HP BYOD Specialist on 1300 077 142.   

In regards to laptops…

Students will like:
  • light weight
  • wireless mouse
  • headphones

Parents will like:

  • Protective hard case to reduce the instance of a broken screen (don’t be tempted to buy a soft laptop sleeve).
  • Onsite warranty (next business day is recommended – having to send a PC away for a couple of weeks for a warranty repair can be frustrating).
  • Accidental damage protection / insurance – may be offered at time of purchase.
  • Back-up storage device (USB or External Hard Drive) to back up files on the laptop.

Purchasing considerations 

It is recommended that parents/caregivers contact a range of computer vendors and consider the ‘total cost of ownership’ including warranty, technical support arrangements and hardware components which will contribute to the life of the laptop. The cheapest laptop to buy is generally not the best option in the long run. 

​What if I can't afford a laptop? 

Families experiencing financial hardship can apply for an equity device​. To be considered for an equity device, students must be a financial member of the College Student Resources Scheme. Our BYOD Equity Policy page contains more information and access to an online application form. 

A limited number of older laptops are available for daily borrowing (9am-3pm) from ST13 for students who arrive to school without a laptop.

Last reviewed 01 September 2021
Last updated 01 September 2021