Our vision


Statement of Purpose

"Inspiring success every day" 

Our statement of purpose acknowledges the importance of success in creating a love of learning for each student. For our students, success comes in academic pursuits, on the sporting fields, in cultural endeavours and in vocational opportunities and is different for each of our students. Our job as teachers is to help every student move closer towards their own success goals in every class, every day.

Our values

At Flagstone State Community College, our statement of purpose is underpinned by our values of PRIDE, where students and staff are:

P - Proud - We show pride in ourselves, our achievements and the achievements of others, our environment and our community.

R - Respectful - We will treat all people in our community with respect and show compassion and understanding for all. We will strive to work collaboratively while respecting difference and valuing other people.

I - Inspiring - Education is inspiring. To confidently address our chosen life and community roles, we need the inspiration that comes through appropriate interactions, skills, training and challenges.

D - Determined - We strive to be determined learners. By developing determination, we will have the confidence to demonstrate initiative and be enterprising in our approaches to life's challenges.

E - Equitable - We acknowledge and celebrate our individuality, in ourselves, our school and community while acknowledging, accepting and celebrate the difference in others. By developing an understanding of equity, we will reach new heights as a society.

Our expectations

  • Learn

  • Do our best

  • Respect self and others

  • Respect our college

Our logo

The design of our logo came about as a result of a competition held in 2001 with local primary school students. Michael Bishop, a Greenbank State School student, and now a Flagstone State Community College Alumni, won the competition.

The logo is a shield divided into four quadrants, each depicting a feature the community regarded as important in the developing character of our new College.

The top left quadrant show an open book which reflects learning, our core business.

The top right corner shows a rising sun which signifies a dawn and suggests the newness of our College as well as new ideas.

The bottom left quadrant depicts our country and its place in the global community which suggests the importance of ensuring our students engage with a global economy.

The bottom right quadrant depicts people, our community and is a reminder of the important role our College plays in educating not only our students, but the wider community.

Last reviewed 01 September 2020
Last updated 01 September 2020