Instrumental Music


Flagstone State Community College offers lessons in woodwind, brass, percussion and string instruments. Instrumental Teachers Mrs Petah Garnham & Mrs Bronw​yn Collins work with students each week for a 30 minute lesson.

The Instrumental Music Curriculum provides students with the opportunity to become musicians and experience the expressive qualities of music through learning to play an instrument and to participate in performance ensembles.

The objectives of the syllabus, on which all students are taught and assessed, have been grouped into dimensions of Literacy, Technique and Performance. These dimensions are interrelated, with success in one dimension being reliant upon development in the other dimensions. Students will encounter these terms in their lessons and in assessment, so they will become familiar with that language over time. The curriculum is subdivided into 10 levels.

Show Band

Show Band is held before school once a week in the Performing Arts Centre. While Show Band is primarily for selected students who meet the minimum knowledge and skill level, all students are encouraged to attend as this helps build upon their learning in lesson times.

Stage Band

Stage Band is the senior ensemble at Flagstone, consisting of Brass, Rhythm and Saxophone. Entry into this group is by invitation only and auditions are held to allocate positions.

Drum Line

At Flagstone we offer students the opportunity to be part of the Drum Line, learning percussion instruments and performing at various events. Lessons are held during normal Instrumental rotation lessons during class.

Instrumental Events

Show Band students will take part in Flagstone’s ‘Play-a-thon’, an overnight sleepover in the Performing Arts Centre at FSCC. Held at the beginning of every year this evening will develop the foundations for the Show Band and help students build relationships. 

The Show Band will also be invited to the Secondary Instrumental Music Workshop (Band and String) for Logan/Beaudesert schools as well as the Scenic Rim Intermediate Workshop. These workshops allows Flagstone students to meet other instrumentalists from schools in the local area, performing, learning, teaching and working with these students culminating in a performance for parents and friends.

In addition, Show Band and Stage Band also compete at the annual Brisbane Bands Festival in the Queen Street Mall. Other events include:

  • Showcase Evenings (bi-annual)

  • Musical (bi-annual)

  • Middle School Undercover Performances

  • ANZAC Ceremony

  • Academic Awards Night

  • Creative Arts Camp


Parents should be aware that there are fees payable in order to take part in the Instrumental Program. All students deciding to enrol in the Instrumental Music Program are required to pay a $50.00 levy each year.

The College has a number of instruments available for loan. If your child requires a school-owned loan instrument there is an additional $50.00 fee per year. This is for maintenance purposes and is payable before instruments are handed over to the student.

Common Questions

How do I know that my child will keep being enthusiastic about playing and practising?

  • When there is genuine enthusiasm and support by the parents and family, the child will remain excited about their playing.
  • The lessons are fun because the children are learning with their friends in a group.
  • Very soon they are playing in an ensemble, including Show Band, which helps to maintain enthusiasm.
  • Performances (on any scale) motivate a child. There are many opportunities for your child to perform at school and you can encourage them to perform at home also!

Will my child’s school work decline because of the extra commitment to his/her music?

  • No, the concentration and application to a new task enhances their academic ability.
  • Students attend Instrumental Music Lessons on a rotational basis so they don’t miss the same class.
  • Teachers are informed and aware that your student is in the program. Students are to ask their teacher for work and other activities when they are at a lesson to ensure that they are kept up to date on class content.
Last reviewed 20 February 2023
Last updated 20 February 2023