6. Frequently asked questions


​What is BYOD and how does it work?

BYOD is a term used to describe a digital device ownership model where students use their privately owned devices to access the network and information systems in an educational setting.

Why should I go to the expense of buying a laptop? Doesn’t the school have computers?

The fact is that access to computers and the internet is essential for students both at school and at home. When parents purchase a device it means that a student can use it throughout the day at school and then continue with it at home to work on projects and homework. Numerous studies have been conducted both in Australia and around the world that demonstrates better outcomes when this happens.

Are there minimum specifications required for the device to connect to the school network and printing systems?

Please refer to the hardware requirements on this website or in the Information Guide.

What if I can't afford a laptop?

A limited number of laptops are available for daily borrowing (9am-3pm) from ST13 for families experiencing financial hardship. Please see the Flagstone State Community College BYOD Equity Policy towards the back of the Information Guide for more details.

Will I need to bring the device to school every day?

Yes. Flagstone State Community College teachers are transforming the way they teach to take advantage of students having unlimited use of laptops. The new digital platform for the curriculum program will ensure that laptops will be essential tools in each classroom. 

How do I protect my BYOD device?

It is the student’s responsibility to have their device with them at all times. Protective equipment such as hard cases need to be organised by the parent and student to keep these devices safe while at school and travelling to and from school. It is the responsibility of the student to look after the device while at school. Lockers are available in ST block for temporary storage of devices during practical lessons and lunch times. Students will provide their own locks and must remove them at the end of the day. Any locks left on the temporary lockers may be cut off by the school.

Will computer rooms and laptop trolleys still exist with the BYOD program?

Computer rooms and laptop trolleys will still exist at Flagstone State Community College, however, as the BYOD program grows, some trolleys will be decommissioned. The computer rooms that will remain will be exclusively used for specialised computer subjects such as Media, Information Technology and Digital Technology courses. 

I have Microsoft Family Features enabled on the device, will this cause any issues with the school software?

Yes, at this time Microsoft Family Features is unable to be used with our Joiner software.

Do I need to buy AntiVirus software for my device?

Yes. It is a requirement that you have Antivirus software installed on your personal device and be up to date. This will be checked prior to connecting to the network. Windows devices will not connect unless the machines AntiVirius is up to date. Click here for a discounted version of Norton Internet Security and the select Exclusive Security Offer on the home page. Windows Defender (feature of Windows 10) is sufficient for antivirus.

Is the school able to fix faults that the BYO device may develop?

College IT Technicians will provide support for connectivity of laptops to the College network. Every attempt will be made to connect devices which meet the minimum specifications, assuming there are no technical or other issues outside their control. All other technical issues will be the responsibility of the parent/caregiver and student. Vendor and technical support turnaround times should be considered when purchasing and seeking repairs for devices.

Can I charge my device at school?

It is the responsibility of the student to bring their laptop to school fully charged every day. Failure to bring laptops fully charged each day will impact on student learning and their ability to participate in class activities. Students will NOT be able to charge laptops in classrooms or the library. This is primarily due to workplace health and safety issues (eg cables being a trip hazard, power cables not “tested and tagged”). However, if a student requires their laptop to be charged (e.g. if it’s an older laptop that doesn’t hold its charge) there will be a charging station in ST13 (Technicians Room) that students will be able to access before school and at break times to charge their laptops securely.

We already have a device at home; can I use it at school?

Yes but check to ensure it meets the minimum hardware specifications in the Information Guide. If you are unsure, the IT technicians are happy to help.

Will every device work inside the EQ network?

No. Some devices with low specifications have been found not to connect to the EQ network. These devices may have difficulty with the security filters used by Education Queensland.

Do I need to back up?

Yes. It is the student’s responsibility to back up all files. The school assessment policy also states that loss of data due to technology problems is not an acceptable reasons for assessment extensions.

Do I need 3G?

Private 3G or 4G services are not to be used at school. The school has an effective wireless network available and it is EQ’s policy that whilst at school students must use the school filtered Internet service. 

Does the school provide software for my BYOD device?

There is some software available for students to download free of charge (e.g. Microsoft Office). Please see the BYOD Information Guide or the software requirements listed on our website for additional information.

Will my teacher be able to provide technical support in class?

No. The IT help desk is open before and after school and during break times to assist students in connecting to the network.

What operating systems will not work with the school network?

Linux operating systems, Google Chrome OS (Chromebook), Android, Windows Mobile, Windows RT and Windows 10S will not work with BYOD wireless systems.

Can students use their devices in the lunch areas or outside classrooms during breaks?

We advise that students don’t use their devices in outside lunch areas during both first and second lunch. If students wish to conduct school work on their devices during this time, they should make use of the areas in the Library. Using laptops outside during the busy periods of morning tea and lunch increases the chance of accidental damage and lost property.

Can my child play games on the laptop?

The laptop is provided for an educational purpose NOT a recreational purpose. Students are not allowed to play games on the laptop during class time. When at school, the student’s use of their device, in and out of class, is determined by a teacher. At all times the student is obliged to follow a teacher’s instructions regarding the use of the device. 

My device has been damaged at school. Who pays for it and what is the process?

Students bring their own device for use at Flagstone State Community College at their own risk. The College will not be responsible for any loss, theft or damage to the device or data stored on the device.  In circumstances where a device is damaged by abuse or malicious act of another student, the school will apply consequences in accordance with the Responsible Behaviour Plan. However we are not liable for the reimbursement or replacement of the device.

Parents and students should consider whether their device requires insurance and whether specific accidental loss and breakage insurance is appropriate for the device.  

How do I keep my laptop secure during a practical lesson?

Short term storage lockers have been provided in the Science & Technology building for any student to use for the TEMPORARY storage of their laptops (e.g. safe-keeping during a practical lesson or at lunchtimes). Students can safely secure their laptop for the duration of the practical lesson and remove it at the end. NOTE: Students are responsible for providing their own lock. Locks left on the designated short term storage lockers at the end of the day may be removed. 

How do I keep my laptop secure at school?

Keep the laptop with you at all times. Do NOT leave it in your bag outside of classrooms. Consider engraving the device - this will help identify any lost devices.

What do I do if I receive inappropriate content?

If a student believes they have received a computer virus, spam (unsolicited email), or they have received a message or other online content that is inappropriate or makes them feel uncomfortable, they must inform their teacher, parent or caregiver as soon as is possible. Students must also seek advice if another user seeks personal information, asks to be telephoned, offers gifts by email or asks to meet a student.

What do I do if I witness bullying?

Please inform your teacher, parent or caregiver as soon as possible. We are also a STYMIE School. The word “STYMIE” means to stop or thwart. We want bullying to stop and so do our students. 

STYMIE is an on-line anonymous notification system that students can use to report bullying or harm. STYMIE is a web application, meaning that students can access it via any internet browser. They do not have to download anything from a website or store. Students can use any internet-connected device to make a notification at any time.

The web-app prompts students to write a short description of an incident involving bullying or harm. They can also upload supportive evidence using screenshots of aggressive, threatening or harassing social media content or messages. Flagstone State Community College will receive notifications via email and will deal with them according to our Responsible Behaviour Plan and Positive Relationships, Safe Schools Policy.

What happens if I misuse the BYO Device or breach acceptable usage?

Students should be aware that they are held responsible for their actions while using the internet and online communication services. Standard school behaviour management procedures apply for misuse of any BYOD item.

The school reserves the right to restrict/remove access of personally owned mobile devices to the intranet, internet, email or other network facilities to ensure the integrity and security of the network and to provide a safe working and learning environment for all network users. The misuse of personally owned mobile devices may result in disciplinary action which includes, but is not limited to, the withdrawal of access to school supplied services.

Can students access their emails without Microsoft Outlook?

Students can access their school emails anywhere at anytime on any device that has a web browser. Student have an office 365 account which can be found at and accessed using their school login and password.

Can students print on the school printers?

Yes, students can print to any of the school printers through the BYOD solution. Please see the IT technicians in ST13 if you're having any problems printing at school.

Will internet be filtered away from school?

An internet filter will apply when students are connected to the schools network.  As is the current case, this will restrict access to certain sites, such as YouTube and Facebook.  At home, this filtering system will not apply to student BYO devices.

Last reviewed 25 August 2021
Last updated 25 August 2021