Activities and programs


The Flagstone State Community College P&C Association is responsible for the management, profitability and performance of the Canteen and the Uniform Shop.  Four staff members are currently employed by the P&C at the college - our Canteen/Uniform Shop Manager and 3 staff members operate the Canteen 5 days a week with the Uniform Shop open 2-3 days per week.  

It is always our aim to strive to meet the needs of the Flagstone State Community College students and teachers with the financial means to provide the latest in technology, sports equipment, and learning enhancement outcomes as advised by the Principal each year.  

The current Management Committee has initiated a range of programs that require ongoing financial support.

  1. Chaplaincy support: through the provision of funding, this College is able to provide chaplaincy aid for our whole school student community and their families.  The service is a valuable tool in helping students in crisis and families in a time of need.
  2. Senior Leaders Program: our first Leadership Camp participants attended the Maroon Outdoor Training Facility along with many other school captains and vice captains from Queensland.  This program is being fully funded by the P&C Association at a cost of approximately $200 per student. Each of our student leaders enjoy a great week sharing and learning the art of leadership in a peer group environment and the school benefits by having a very confident and  strong student representative body whom are ready and able to perform their duties in the following year. 
  3. Chilled Water Bubblers:  The P&C have installed a 4 bay chilled water bubbler station for student use, together with an ongoing maintenance and cleaning package to ensure water quality and safety. We recently added an additional 6 bay chilled water bubbler to the undercover area outside the canteen for students to use as well.
  4. School ties are presented to the Year 9 students who are continuing into their senior schooling years at the college. These ties are provided free of charge by the P&C Association each year.
  5. Year 12 Student Portfolios are presented by the school to each graduating student with their record of academic achievement and any relevant certificates.  The folders are provided free of charge by the P&C Association each year.
  6. We have invested in new hot and cold food storage equipment in the canteen to ensure we maintain very high food service and hygiene standards and have invested in upgrades to kitchen fit out and improvements in layout in the uniform shop to stream line and improve customer satisfaction.

In addition to these ongoing programs the P&C Association also strives to provide as much funding as is possible directly to the school budget.

Projects such as shade sails for the Junior School play/lunch areas is one of the creative ways the funds raised by the Association as used to improve the college experience for both teachers and students.

We sincerely hope you will consider becoming involved in the P&C Association in some capacity and look forward to promoting a positive environment for your student in the coming years.

Last reviewed 17 February 2021
Last updated 17 February 2021